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Professional Designer with 10 years industry experience and 6 shipped titles. Expert understanding of design issues regarding first person shooters and third person shooters. 4 years cross platform mobile programming experience with C++.  Expert understanding of idTech 5, Unreal Engine 3, Evolution Engine. Willing to travel and relocate.

  • Proven ability to produce aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate environments using principles of flow, combat design, pacing and puzzles.
  • Technically savvy regarding issues relating to level design, lighting, optimization, performance on XBox360, PS3 and PC.
  • Interest in all aspects of game development beyond level design including 3D art, texture art, particle effects, cinematics and lighting
  • Proven ability to solve problems outside the scope of those related to level design.
  • Ability communicate and understand technical issues.


Developer for Mobile Platforms (iOS, Android), Self Employed, Agnes Water, Q, Australia, 2014-2018

Completed two cross platform apps for iOS and Android. Wrote and debugged all parts of the code and content. Bulk of apps written in C++. Wrappers for platform specific libraries written in Objective C and Java for iOS and Android respectively. Wrote JNI code to interface Java and C++ using Android NDK. All Projects use XCode, Android Studio and formerly Eclipse.

Developed content pipeline to import assets into app from external content creation software using python scripts. Developed cross platform localisation system. Food of the Gods supports both portrait and landscape view modes and dynamically updates GUI layout to match.

Familiarised myself with many first and third party libraries including StoreKit, Billing Manager, Facebook, Fabric and Parse. Wrote code to asynchronously work with network backend which stores persistent user data. Designed app signup utilising Facebook login and authentication techniques.

Art and animation was created using a combination of Modo and Photoshop. See portfolio for samples.

Food of the Gods:

Clear for Action:

Designer, id Software, Richardson, Texas, USA, 2010-2013

Rage DLC (PS3, XBOX 360, PC)

  • Acted as both visual designer and gameplay designer for Munitions Factory building the whole level, in it’s entirety within two months. This included building the level with modo, lighting, and all AI placement and scripting.
  • Collaborated with visual designer to implement gameplay in Industrial Level.

Rage (PS3, XBOX 360, PC)

  • Collaborated with Lead Environment Artist to design and implement gameplay in Dead City Streets and Dead City Central levels, both forward and reverse paths. Responsibilities included: scripting level events with Doom Script, AI spawning and placement, pickup placement, clipping and AI traversal setup.
  • Optimized Dead City level using Modo for both performance and memory.
  • Wrote Modo Scripts using Python which improved designer pipeline for optimizing performance and collision. Scripts included a T-Junction fixer and Collision Hull generator among others.
  • Experience using idTech 5 tools, Doom Script and Super Script

pglogo_smallSenior Level Designer, Propaganda Games, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2008-2010

Tron (PS3, XBOX 360, PC)

  • Designer and blocked in 3 levels.
  • Paper design and documentation for Single Player levels

Turok 2 (Cancelled)

  • Experience with Unreal Engine 3 Tools
  • Principle Designer on Vertical Slice Demo
  • Paper design and documentation for Single Player levels

delogo_smallSenior Level Designer, Digital Extremes, London, Ontario, Canada, 2004-2008

Dark Sector (PS3, XBOX 360, PC)

  • Designed and built compelling, technically efficient, entertaining levels using Evolution Engine Tools, Photoshop, Lightwave 3D and XSI.
  • Collaborated with the art team to create game-play friendly spaces while ensuring visual quality and performance.
  • Helped design necessary software tools required for completion of the game (Darkitect).
  • Designed and prototyped interactive game objects and physics objects using XSI.
  • Experience using Digital Extremes proprietary tools and engine (Evolution Engine, Darkitect).

Warpath (XBOX, PC)

  • Contributed three maps to final product. AS-Alarm, DM-ThinIce and CTF-Badlands
  • Supervised off site contractors to ensure timely delivery of content.
  • Platform specific performance and memory optimization for the majority of level and art

Pariah (XBOX, PC)

  • Created environments and visual assets for Pariah in the form of meshes, textures, particle effects and matinée sequence
  • Created three multiplayer environments AS-Survivor and CTF-Recoil
  • Responsibilities include the debugging and optimization of all multiplayer
  • Utilized my experience at Epic Games to improve coworkers understanding of unreal engine technology.
  • Gained experience with Microsoft Xbox SDK debugging and visual optimization tools.

epiclogo_smallContract Level Designer, Epic Games, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA 2003-2004

Unreal Tournament 2004 (PC)

  • Assisted in the creation of new and unique assets for Unreal Tournament 2004 on site at Epic Games. Assets include new levels, static meshes, textures, particle effects and matinée sequences.
  • Assets were created using the Unreal Editor, Lightwave 3D and Photoshop.
  • Created AS-Glacier and DM-Corrugation Levels
  • Improved AI path networks for majority of Unreal Tournament 2004 Onslaught levels.
  • Gained advanced knowledge of Unreal Engine 2 features such as emitters and matinée.
  • Gained knowledge in the use of Perforce and Test Track Pro.
  • Used off the shelf 3D/2D packages (Lightwave 3D, Photoshop) to create static meshes and textures for


Bachelor of Information Technology,
Central Queensland University, Rockhampton Campus, QLD, Australia, April 2002

High School Diploma,
Gladstone State High School, Gladstone, QLD, Australia, November 1999


Software Skills (Current)

  • Id Tech 5 Tools (Radiant)
  • Perforce (Source Control)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Textures)
  • Modo (Modeling)
  • Python
  • Doom Script
  • Super Script

Software Skills (Previous)

  • Unreal Engine 3 Tools (Editor)
  • Darkitect (Evolution Engine, Level Design Tool)
  • Avid Softimage XSI (Modeling)
  • Discreet 3D Studio Max (Modeling)
  • Newtek Lightwave 3D(Modeling)
  • Test Track Pro (Bug Tracking)
  • Atlassian Jira and Confluence (Bug Tracking, Wiki)
  • Bugzilla (Bug Tracking)
  • XBox XDK Suite/Pix (XBox/XBox 360/Windows Visual Performance Tools)

Software Skills (Non-Professional, Educational)

  • HTML
  • C++ (Visual Studio)
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Newtek Video Toaster (Audio/Video Digtizting)
  • Macromedia Flash (Website Design)
  • Macromedia Director (UI Prototyping and Design)

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