Peter Respondek

Software Developer


This is the portfolio website of Peter Respondek. Peter is an Australian citizen and has been a designer in the games industry for ten years. In that time he has shipped six AAA titles and worked at several different games companies. These companies include some iconic outfits such as, Epic Games (Unreal Tournament 2004), id Software (Rage), Digital Extremes (Dark Sector) and Propaganda Games (Turok, Tron).

Recently he has been immersed in mobile development for iOS and Android. This has allowed him to learn many new skills. He is now proficient with the C++ and Swift programming languages and familiar with both Java and Objective-C. He has also had to learn a bit about: 3D and 2D animation, sound mixing, NDK, JNI, SQLite, Parse API, Facebook API, App Store API, several different advertising API’s (Vungle, Chartboost, Tap for tap).

Peter is most comfortable with XCode and is familiar with UIKit and Interface Builder. He often uses Android Studio and is familiar with it’s predecessor Eclipse. Peter uses Visual Studio Code for just about everything else he needs which includes the occasional Python script.

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